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King’s College Hospital is one of London’s largest teaching hospitals. The facility is internationally renowned for clinical excellence in several areas, including liver transplants, heart disease and brain surgery, and is one of only five “Centres of Excellence” in the European Union. It was here, in 1962, that Maurice Wilkins discovered the double helix molecular structure of DNA.

King’s College Hospital has Europ’s largest liver transplant centre. Over the years, KCH has gained and maintained its status as a pioneer in groundbreaking new techniques for liver transplantation, such as the splitting of donated livers to benefit more than one patient. KCH also has an unrivalled international reputation for the treatment and diagnosis of viral hepatitis, a serious condition affecting the liver.

King’s College Hospital is an official Centre of Excellence for its “primary angioplasty” treatment; a procedure in which a ‘stent’ (a small metal tube) is used to re-open narrowed or blocked arteries. KCH runs the largest aortic valve replacement programme in the UK. The programme avoids the need for open heart surgery and has the potential to help thousands of people with no alternative to open heart surgery.

The cardiac team became the first in the world
to insert a mitral spacer into the heart of a patient giving the heart time to recover before successful conventional surgery.
2013 King’s undertook the world’s first “warm liver” transplant using an organ that was “kept alive” at body temperature.
2012 The team at King’s, led by eye surgeon Mr Tim Jackson, successfully carried out retinal implant (microchip) surgery for patients with retinitis pigmentosa, a degenerative eye condition.
2011 The world’s first injection of donor liver cells was undertaken at King’s.
2000 A King’s Consultant made the Guinness Book of Records for successfully transplanting a liver into the youngest child ever at 5 days old.

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