With membership you can have

Peace of mind

GP Home visit
within 2 hours


Bilingual escorting

Bilingual registered
nurse service

Premium Member Benefits

As a premium member you can enjoy annual free consultation and health checks
which includes four GP home visits, one eye test, one dental check and one
dental hygienist cleaning.

m e m b e r  b e n e f i t

GP home visits within 2 hours

The client designates a location for the visiting GP consultation within 2 hours of the initial request (Greater London and Manchester)

Selection of shortlisted consultants

The client is offered 3 to 5 shortlisted medical experts and healthcare providers to select from, so securing a prompt, consultant-run specialist appointment.

Bilingual escorting service

The option of acting as the client’s next of kin with consent, accompanying clients, and providing ongoing medical record keeping and discussion with relatives in China.

International referrals

Members and their direct relatives may enjoy the MEDii Healthcare “one-stop” international referral service.

Prescription collection and delivery

Prompt prescription collection and delivery service with bilingual instructions for taking the medication.

Bilingual registered nurse service

Experienced UK-registered nurses to offer bilingual communication support during consultations, home visits and hospital care.

Value-added service for private
healthcare insurance holders

Insurance-related services such as “short-listing with approved consultants”, “second opinions” and “claims help” available for members.

How to become a member?

Please contact us via email or phone call, or by wechat service: MEDiihealth-UK. our helpful customer service will assist you.

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